Critical Vulnerability – 3.9.2

A critical security vulnerability has been discovered in WordPress. This vulnerability could easily allow an attacker unauthorised access to your website an an administrator level, and from there its pretty much game over of the attacker wants to do damage, attack the server or embed themselves in your site. It is critical that users update as […]

The state of WordPress today

Wordpress is great stuff, it is easy to use, compatible with almost any hosting and for the most part is quite secure. But like a new car, it only stays great if you maintain it, get the mechanic to have a look over it on a regular basis, change the oil and take it through the […]

WordPress 4.0

Wordpress 4.0 is planned to be released into the wild on the August 27, 2014, just around the corner! With many new updates, including media manager overhauls, Plugin installation usability, Post editor upgrades and much, much more there will be plenty of sites who don’t want to upgrade to this version of WordPress. More than 600 […]