How do I know my sensitive data is secure?

We do not store your sensitive data anywhere for longer than it is required, ever. Its not even backed up in our internal systems. If disaster strikes and we have to restore our site from its backups, you may need to re-enter the details.

We believe that this is more secure than the common practice of emailing your developer their login credentials, as that will sit on an email server or your developers hard drive potentially for years until its deleted (if ever!).

Why do you need FTP Credentials?

We need the FTP credentials just in case something does go wrong and wp-admin is inaccessible or your server has a poor PHP / Apache setup and we cannot run the automated backups or upgrades.

FTP details will enable us to get your site back up and running (or for us to simply perform our services) as soon as possible without having to pester you for FTP or Control panel login details.