Wordpress is great stuff, it is easy to use, compatible with almost any hosting and for the most part is quite secure.

But like a new car, it only stays great if you maintain it, get the mechanic to have a look over it on a regular basis, change the oil and take it through the carwash (or kids with a bucket and hose!) on a regular basis.

According to WordPress statistics, there are still over 20% of sites running on WordPress 3.0! With reports stating that more than 70% of sites running WordPress are vulnerable to attack, just through the core software, never mind those running old and insecure versions of plugins!

This is not the way to move forward with website security and compatibility. It is a great way to spread fear, frustration and rumour as well as allowing any script-kiddy to access or deface many, many websites. This is why we have started up this service. Enabling almost all WordPress users to feel safe and secure in upgrading their sites with a  minimum of fuss and cost.